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Artio – ‘Pyrokid’ review: a biting sign of the times

By Ben Massey | 07/09/22

Our favourites here at white noise., Artio, are back with a playful and elaborate single, Pyrokid. Despite Pyrokid being their heaviest work to date, it sounds so upbeat and catchy with a dance-inspired beat defining the verses. As always with Artio, the production is exceptional (which, may I remind you is all done by themselves), reminding me of a That’s The Spirit / amo era of Bring Me The Horizon. Heavy guitars infused within music you can dance to, as well as an inventive breakdown to end the song, are all vintage Bring Me. However, that’s not to say that it’s ‘just another copy of a Bring Me The Horizon song’: it is anything but that. Pyrokid is inventive in its own right, especially in the final mix of the song. The vocal mixing on this track works so well: Rae leads with their stunning vocal range and Rob adds that extra backing. Their voices are so different but work so well together to create a song with plenty of depth.

This song comes as something a little more mature from the band as they ditch the self-proclaimed rose-tinted glasses that they once had as teenagers to look at the world in a completely different light. Pyrokid is angry, it's powerful and it doesn’t care about the boundaries that people put on us. It’s the song that so many people need right now. We all know that one person who we wish “their tears would burn through their skin” and this song is about exactly that person. Whether that be a member of the government (I’m looking at you, Liz Truss), your boss at work or somebody that’s let you down, it’s about saying “fuck you” to that person and growing from that.

Check out Artio's newest track here.


Edited by: Roxann Yus

Cover and in-article photo taken by: Ben Massey

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