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Artist of the Month: Boston Manor

By Roxann Yus | 27/09/22

The idea of beginning an Artist of the Month series sparked a couple of months ago. I thought it would be a really great opportunity for us to put a spotlight on our biggest inspirations without waiting to see them live or release an album to be able to talk about how special they are. If life hadn’t gotten in the way, I would’ve written this article a month ago. That’s when I decided whom our first Artist of the Month was going to be.

Ben joined Boston Manor’s live stream last month on Instagram and commented that we had just started a music magazine together. Henry responded by saying it was sick, and he would love for Boston Manor to be featured in it. I think you can see where I’m going with this – that was my lightbulb moment.

Of course, Boston Manor would be our first. Quite honestly, they’re where all of this started. I don’t particularly mean white noise. either, I mean our wider yearning to get involved in the music industry and let creativity take us down the many avenues leading to this scene.

In February 2021 I painted some chunky hiking boots as a birthday present for Ben. Centre stage was a painting inspired by a lyric from Boston Manor’s Playing God: “Call off the dogs or I’ll keep playing God”. Not only was this track central in both of our coping mechanisms throughout lockdown, but it also aided our move to new cities for university and adjustment to a distanced relationship. And somehow, Boston Manor saw it.

I really didn’t expect them to see it, let alone retweet it. It was such a validating moment. But I took it further and asked if they would somehow be able to sign them before his birthday. They very quickly got back to me and said they would love to be able to work something out! Unfortunately, COVID-19 lasted a lot longer than we all expected (or hoped) and meant that tours continued to be postponed. But quite frankly, that wasn’t the important part at all for me. It felt like an invitation into this world that I had so keenly and lovingly observed for years.

After that, I continued painting boots as well as other items of clothing and canvas. I took most of my inspiration from bands’ aesthetics and their music. At the same time, along with the influx of live music, Ben felt like he could finally rekindle his love for photography again and branch into gig photography, which felt like an obvious choice considering his love for live music as a teenager, but something that really hadn’t been encouraged to us at all growing up.

In turn, I felt inspired to begin writing about music. I’ve always loved writing, but only ever believed it could be used for an academic force, rather than a creative and personal one. Long story short, we made it here.

And what makes this even more special is that when white noise began, Ben and I were embarking upon a new stage of our relationship: studying abroad in Canada and Germany respectively. And what song soundtracked all of this? Inertia. I can’t help but feel that Boston Manor have been that constant variable alongside our journey. They are whom I listen to when I feel down, need comfort, want to party, or desire inspiration. And that’s been their role in my life for years now.

Confidently I can say that all of this will strengthen upon the release of Datura, featuring two of my favourite songs from the band to date: Foxglove and Inertia. What is so beautiful and apt about Datura too is that it tracks the cyclical journey of our waking day. It’s in touch with nature, allowing colours and mood to reflect in the music. It’s almost a microcosm of the past three years for me, all tucked inside this beautifully crafted project that’s due release at the most colourful, yet darkest, time of my life.

Boston Manor are a band that will always hold a special place in my heart. They’re central to our project and goals here at white noise.

Please join us and eagerly await the release of Datura on the 14th of October.


Edited by: Roxann Yus

In-article images taken by: Roxann Yus

Cover image taken by: Ben Massey, inspired by Datura artwork.

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