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Calva Louise - 'Third Class Citizen': reality, sci-fi, and dystopia

Ben Massey | 22/01/23

Calva Louise are back with a vengeance. Sprinting into 2023 with their heaviest work to date, they aren’t here to fuck around. Third Class Citizen comes as the first single from their highly anticipated new EP Over The Threshold. This song embodies exactly what I desire in music - badass soundscapes and hard-hitting lyrics. Merging styles of nu-metal and alternative rock whilst putting their own spin on things accelerates the band to the top of every Spotify queue, creating exactly the music every person of modernity craves.

Calva Louise delve deeper into the world of science fiction that their second album, Euphoric, had explored. Third Class Citizen’s music video blends the two worlds of music and film to create a sensory work of genius. Directed by lead singer Jess herself, it depicts a ‘fractal world’ under attack from a ‘corrupted traveller’. Calva Louise are setting a standard of the genre I certainly didn’t expect to see quite yet. They're ahead of their time, merging the vintage aesthetic of sci-fi with real-life politics to create a visual and sound of dystopia.

You can check out Third Class Citizen here.


Edited by: Roxann Yus

Cover image designed by: Ben Massey

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