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Like Pacific @ The Mansion, Kingston ON

By Ben Massey | 23/02/23

Saturday night saw one of the best rock shows of the year in Kingston. Being a city that

doesn’t get a whole lot of touring bands (particularly bands in the scene) it was a really special night for the people of Kingston. The Mansion saw the two Ontario based pop-punk giants, Like Pacific and Rarity finally co-headline. Unfortunately, I arrived a little too late to catch Rarity play, but I could tell by the sheer sweatiness that was in the room they’d put on a great show.

Main headliner, Like Pacific, brought an energy I hadn’t seen before in The Mansion. Since forming in 2010, Kingston has always been a favourite place for Like Pacific to play. Quoting lead Jordan Black himself, “We know that Kingston isn’t hit up on tours often but we will always be back” reaffirming their love for the city. Talking about love, apparently The Mansion is the place to meet your future partner too! Lead guitarist Luke Holmes actually met his wife here. So not only is The Mansion the best place for live music in Kingston, but it’s also the place to find your life partner! Maybe next time Like Pacific roll on to play in Kingston is your next chance. I have to say that the crowd was super nice to me moving around with my camera which is sometimes difficult, although we are in Canada, it’s one of the many things I love about this country.

You can listen to Like Pacific here, I’m sure they’ll be touring in a town near you soon!


Edited by: Ben Massey

Photos taken by: Ben Massey

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