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Sleeping With Sirens & Don Broco @ ZOOM, Frankfurt

Roxann Yus | 03/03/2023

What a fabulous headline tour announcement: old-school emo sweethearts meet establishing alt-sport-rock heavy weights. Their vibes are certainly different, but they nonetheless represent their respective genres fittingly. On the 21st of February, Sleeping With Sirens and Don Broco, joined by Australian rock group Ocean Grove, hit ZOOM in Frankfurt on their co-headline tour.

Sleeping With Sirens certainly have a cult following, meaning many of their old, and perhaps most depressing, tracks were bellowed into the upgraded Frankfurt venue of ZOOM. Hardest-hitters included Better Off Dead, Kick Me, and their cover of Iris. It was incredible to see the reaction to a cover – clearly Sleeping With Siren’s emblematic emo style with Kellin’s super high vocals tuck this song neatly into the 2000s emo catalogue.

They also debuted songs from Complete Collapse to their Frankfurt crowd, which, by the way, were mostly fans who travelled from other parts of Germany and the world to see this show. Their most reactive song was Bloody Knuckles which had fans celebrating the never-aging legacy of the band (even if Kellin’s recent haircut has changed the trajectory of the emo image officially).

Meanwhile, nothing is emo about Don Broco or their appearance. In fact, Rob looks like a sport-fanatic. And if you’re not too involved in the emo scene, its important to know that not many emos partake in sports. Alas! The exception: mosh pits! And oh, don’t Don Broco know how to create a mosh pit. Or what’s more – create a circle pit; one that expands to the “marshmallow sponge” walls of this very unique venue.

Now, something was actually debuted here for the first time in history, not just to Frankfurt. I’m talking about Don Broco’s newest single, Fingernails. Okay, well – it was debuted the night before, but Rob forgot his words. So, I will confidently claim to be an attendee of the debut of this very awesome track.

And another first, at least here in Frankfurt / Germany: an unplanned yet very warmly-welcomed and desperately-begged encore. “One more song” swept the circular bounds of the venue, until the Bedford boys had no other option than to plan a last-minute encore song, Endorphins. Clearly, the UK can take note on how to get our way. Perhaps the Germans would say “Anfangen ist leicht, Beharren eine Kunst,“ (starting is easy, persistence is an art).

So, on that note, the key to a successful concert experience is German philosophy and proverbs. Who would’ve seen that coming?


Edited by: Roxann Yus

Photo taken by: Roxann Yus

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