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about us

white noise. is an independent and multi-media platform showcasing what can be created through the love of music. From fangirling in local venues to fledging out both of their interests in 2021, Ben and Roxann have begun this project to merge their creative skills. They bind photography, journalism, politics, graphic design, and a continuous passion for music. 



Hey, I’m Ben! I am a third year student at Leeds University. After a year long hiatus, I finally picked up my camera again in 2021 and began shooting shows in my local area. I’ve worked with my student network, LSTV, as well as on my own to build my portfolio and develop the skills to create my fantasy. The next chapter of this fantasy is white noise.: a music-based project encompassing limitless ambition. The rock and metal scene at the moment is truly alive and kicking, it is the role of white noise. to showcase what this scene can do through our shared love of the music. 


Expect big things to come...



Hi! I'm Roxann and I currently study German and Politics at university. Last year I became a contributing writer for my university music magazine and even, now, hold the position of Features Editor. Since then, I realised that a passion doesn't need to be static: you can use what you love to grow creatively as a person, rather than holding it as an accessory. 

Rock music has my heart. But it's the emergence of alternative rock that transformed my relationship with music. It said: possibilities are endless, tradition is over, and you're all invited. And that's why I'm here right now.

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