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Starbenders @ The Key Club, Leeds

Ben Massey | 24/10/23

Every now and then, I have a look over gig listings in Leeds and try to seek out those bands that offer something a little bit different. So what is more exciting than a 80’s-aesthetic-KISS-inspired-rock-band playing in my favourite venue in Leeds? Starbenders were that band.

I had never heard of Starbenders before coming to this show, and I have to say I was impressed. I think aesthetics are becoming more and more important for artists nowadays. It's certainly more difficult than it was for those 80’s rock bands. You need something unique. Drag-inspired and flamboyant outfits made it feel like you really were watching rock stars in the making.

Starbenders not only had the aesthetic, but the sound to match it. They especially draw on that classic rock influence, but include something more modern to their sound. It’s not just a copy-and-paste of what bands like KISS did, it's drawing on them and expanding on what they have to offer.

Starbenders have just released their third album, and it is absolutely worth a listen, especially if you’re looking to travel back in time today! Being their third album now, it boasts a much more refined sound than that of earlier material. What’s not to love.

Check their new album out here and please catch them at a show near you!


Edited by: Roxann Yus

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