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Artist of the Month: Case Open – including interview

Roxann Yus & Ben Massey | 24/11/22

Case Open is a Leeds-based singer-songwriter who dives headfirst deep beneath the mainstream, exploring themes that make most of us uncomfortable, but in fact, have made Liam all the stronger. Tangled within creative balances of electro-space-core and acoustic sound, Case Open invites the sometimes-painful reality into a dreamy fantasy. This fabricated world of his is the safest space for growth and change, making it easy to see why each song from Case Open is never the same. The world of Case Open promises movement and reflection, something the world-in-whole could take a piece of too.


What have your biggest inspirations for this project been?

“I actually made the entire EP in 2020 (excluding the live version of Fumar Mata), but what was inspiring me around this time was a self-realisation of co-dependency issues in various aspects of my life. A kind of funny ironic detail of the creative process is that, while the EP discusses co-dependence on drug abuse and almost calls myself out for it (BBQ Cigarettes), I wrote/improvised and recorded the 200 demo while I was so high that I have no memory of making that song. I found it in my voice memos the day after and was kind of taken back by it. Technically, these demos are from the I’m Not Famous sessions, but they were always intended to be their own project, so the themes of processing grief from Coffee Shops and Fly Me Away sort of seep into the lyrics of Fumar Mata too but are expressed from a whole different perspective.”

How do you think this EP compares to your previous work – what have you done differently?

“Right from the surface, this is more of a demo compilation than an actual EP release, similar to the Werlef demo tapes on my soundcloud. In fact, all of these songs had been released on those tapes already, so nothing about this release is that new other than my personal shift in perspective on the topics I explored in these songs. I’ve just had a bit of a shitty couple of years since I made these songs and they all feel as authentically me now as they did back in 2020 in my basement, so I wanted to put them out because they show a shift in the respect I have for my own art, I guess? Also, BBQ Cigarettes and the live version of Fumar Mata are the first Case Open releases which were not recorded on my old iPhone 6s (the next EP might be the last thing I make that way).”

What’s coming up next for you?

“I’m playing my second live show on the 26th of November (the day after the EP release!) at the same venue with the same promoter as last time, so it’s cool to be trusted to come back. Then its Werlef vol. 3 on Christmas day on my soundcloud, although it’s only going to have 3 songs on it this time as I haven’t recorded many demos recently, due to focusing on making the next EP sound as ambitious as it deserves to sound. Which leads me on to the only current plan for 2023, the Whatever Happens, Thank You EP cycle. That’s all I’ll say on that because if I give any dates I’ll miss them.”

Is there anything new stylistically you’d like to try out?

“A band. I would absolutely love to have a group of people to share ideas with to build upon and redefine my existing songs. Plus, the next EP feels a lot less like a solo project produced in various bedrooms. There’s a much bigger focus on live instruments, which was briefly touched upon on Brains, arguably my most well-received song to date! So having a band for future live shows and even studio sessions would be incredible. I also have a weird desire to have my songs remixed by other producers and friends.”

How would you describe your music in 3 words?

never the same

What song are you most proud of?

“It feels a bit on the nose to choose Fumar Mata, especially when it hasn’t even been finished yet, but something about the way I managed to capture a feeling that I can now revisit, and it never seems to change is just like all I wanted to do when I started writing songs. Also, not to keep talking about something that has no confirmed release date, but my new music is better than anything I’ve done before and has a whole new direction, specifically Okay and Whatever Happens, Thank You. I’m also really proud of writing (She Didn’t Win) But I Lost, despite the fact it pretty much got ignored as a single.”

Check out Case Open's Spotify profile here.


Edited by: Roxann Yus

Photos taken by: Ben Massey

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