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FEVER 333 - '$wing' review

Ben Massey | 07/06/2023

FEVER 333 are back with an emphatic new single - $wing, an anthem that marks an exciting new chapter for the band. After inviting new members Brandon Davis (Lead Guitar), April Kae (Bass), and Thomas Pridgen (Drums) to FEVER 333, we are all waiting to see what this new line-up can show us. Most recently performing in a car park in LA, the band seems to have a chemistry bringing the same ferocity that makes FEVER 333 one of the most noteworthy bands to see live. They are set to take to over Europe in the coming month, playing some of rock music’s most popular festivals including Rock Am Ring, Rock Im Park, and our very own Download Festival here in the UK.

This new single is exactly what I desired from FEVER 333; that same grungy punk sound from one of my all-time favourite albums STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS, however with a little catchier lyricism this time around. Whilst this single is everything I wanted; it feels like a safe option to return from after such a long hiatus. I expect it will be the lead single for a new album Jason has been teasing for the past couple of years. However critical I may be, I expect whatever follows from now on will be twice as artistic as their debut album.

Ever politically, Jason talks about the structure of power within government and henceforth how if we don’t play along, the system is against us in this new single. Whilst talking from an American perspective, I can relate to these same struggles in the UK too. The system puts those most vulnerable further down economically and socially and raises those who have more than they could ever need. Maybe we need to take Jason's advice and sing “La La La La La La La” every time we hear a politician spurt out the bullshit they usually do.

I am so excited to see what FEVER 333 have got coming up and you should be too. You can listen to $wing here.


Edited by: Roxann Yus

Cover image courtesy: Djay Brawner

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