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Superlove - 'follow:noise' review: booming bass to send vibrations through your skull

Ben Massey | 03/06/23

Pause whatever you’re listening to right now, type Superlove in the search bar and scroll down to their new album follow:noise, it’s a demand. Bristol’s very own pop-metal outfit, Superlove, are back in business with their sophomore album follow:noise which released to Rude Records just last night. I had the absolute pleasure of catching them on their hometown album release show at exchange in Bristol. Here’s my thoughts on the album and why you should catch them at one of their upcoming tour dates!

follow:noise merges styles of pop and metal into something surprisingly appropriate to be your 2023 summer anthem. This album brings the happiness of pop, particularly in songs like Lifeline, but also the angriness of metal through songs like Overdrive, fusing them into something incredibly tasteful.

GO! is definitely a highlight of the album and really encompasses what Superlove is all about. Heavy bass sends vibrations through your skull, upbeat drumming gets you dancing and catchy vocals leave you singing in your head for the rest of the day. Yet I have to say it sounds even better live. What Superlove do specifically well in their live set is pausing playing their instruments for milliseconds at a time, to come in with some booming bass to send you quite literally into “overdrive”.

At its core, I think that follow:noise is an album about life to put it quite simply. Love, mental health and fucked up world are some themes that are explored in this album. Love being the main in my own opinion. So many of the songs are about the highs and lows of love whether that’s for somebody or something you love we can all relate to it.

You, the first song on the record, sets a precedent for the rest of the album. It’s a song about having a love so deep for somebody that you feel lost without them. I can relate to that, having been in completely different countries to my partner this past year so this song really resonates with me. Easier is about how hard life is. It’s a song about not feeling like enough, asking whether life will “ever get easier” and honestly, I ask myself that all the time. But despite all the struggles we go through in life “everything will be all right” in the end, and that’s what we need to hold onto.

follow:noise is available here on Spotify and all other streaming services. I strongly recommend this album to anybody who needs a pick-me-up headbang right about now.


Edited, Written and Photographed by: Ben Massey

Cover image from album artwork for follow:noise

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