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Sleep Token - 'The Summoning': from metal to cathartic dance

Ben Massey | 22/02/23

Get ready to “taste the divine” with Sleep Token’s new single, The Summoning. What a way to start off the year for the experimental metal band, Sleep Token. Even though it was released a mere 6 days into 2023, I already know it’s going to be one of my favourite songs from the year. Where do I even start? The Summoning is hard-hitting and grungy, but it also has this funky twist to it. Screaming vocals command the build-up of energy, something we can all expect when listening to metal, and of course, this all leads to an incredibly heavy breakdown. Whilst any normal band would call it a day and end the song there, Sleep Token take it a step further. They convert all of this energy into a cathartic dance to a sensual funky beat. Funk is now the new way of doing breakdowns.

For the first five times that I listened to this track, I almost forgot completely about the lyrical content, being initially bewildered by the beauty of The Summoning sonically. However, we all need to “see the other side” to this song. Laying beneath the guitar work is a lyrical masterpiece. It depicts the desire that anonymous lead ‘Vessel’ feels towards a partner as they “wish to become their man”. Vessel sees a disparity between themselves and their love interest, wishing to bring them over to the dark side and turning “a good girl bad”. Vessel yearns to “see the other side,” portraying the woman as completely perfect, a “sign from god”, whilst he is devilish. But is this desire healthy? That’s for you to decide.

I would recommend any rock and metal fan to listen to this song, especially if you’re into Loathe. You can find it available on Spotify here, join Sleep Token and worship.


Edited by: Roxann Yus

Cover image designed by: Ben Massey

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